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Security Imposter

From dinnocen@Oswego.EDUWed Aug 12 14:37:05 1998
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 06:26:21 -0500
From: dinnocen@Oswego.EDU
Subject: Good News

This isn't a bad story, but I don't know where to send the good stories, so here it is anyway.

I ran into a musical author during Mardi Gras, who goes around to different concerts, talking security guards out of their uniforms for $$$, so he can get backstage and meet the band he wants,and he let me in on a few stories.

They're sort of long an accentuated, plus I'm not sure of their validity, so I'll just stick to the basic scenario: which bands were nice to him and which one's were dicks. All bands assumed he was security and he never let on to being a musical author for magazines on consignment.

He said the Foo Fighters couldn't have been nicer. Grohl was totally cool and they let him come back to talk and eat some of their platter.

Third Eye Blind were assholes, and the guiatar player wouldn't shut up about the roady that put his guitar all out of whack. The singer was pissed because no girls "of age" wanted to make it backstage that night.

Eagle Eye Cherry was a dick who couldn't be bothered before or after. He also is becoming upset because people are noticing his retro-Prince image and the fact that he is brother of one hit wonder Nena Cherry from the late eighties. Gee, I wonder how he got a record deal.

The Sex Pistols were out of control but definitely kind in the sense that they talked to him as long as it wasn't about music.

Cake was hilarious and very nice. They all went to a local college party fairly unnoticed and partied to the wee hours.

Lastly, Pete Townsend was an asshole who couldn't talk because of 'other business' to a fanatical security guard. If he gave this much time to every guard, he'd be there all night...screw him. He had a great band until his first died.

That's all for now. When I find out more, I'll write again. Pass the news on.