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Bad Job

From DZ57@aol.comTue Sep 8 14:02:06 1998
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 13:38:51 EDT
Subject: bad job
Im only 14, and I just got a job at the local Car Wash to get some extra cash. I thought it would be a great job, getting paid $5.15 and hour to dry off cars as they come through the carwash. And that is how they started me out. Then on my third day at work, they introduced me to garbage duty, which is emptying 4 garbage cans into a dumpster which is a half mile away from the car wash. Every time I do this job, I get attacked by the numerous bees and wasps swarming around the dumpster, which is always fun. I was then taught how to clean out the drains. I think the best way to describe this task is to just stick your head up a cow's rearend and inhale deeply. Other perks of the job include waxing huge vans in 95 degree weather, emptying vacuum bins which are filled with wet cigarette butts, used tissues and other special prizes, getting my skin burnt by the car shampooing machine, and many other interesting things. I'm not sure if it's even legal for a kid my age to do this kind of work. The boss has me work 9 and a half hour days, which I know is definitely not legal at my age. And that's why my job sucks.