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Ashley Von Hurter & The Haters, The Erotics at the Century Lounge

I went to elementary school with the great Dame VonHurter and see her at these chick events that are a must especially since one of the girls moved to Egypt. Anyway, a group of us went to the Century Lounge to see Ashley & her band. This indicated a huge effort on my part considering I rarely leave my house. I was naturally unaccustomed to the punk rock scene and primarily interested in finding comfortable seating to make the long evening ahead manageable.

Because Ashley brought us to this shaqtivity, we didn't pay enough attention to the opening bands, The Erotics and The L.U.V. Mike noticed one of them played a song called, "We're going to Sha-booms tonight" which tapped our local consciousness by referring to a bar frequented by the cheesier element of Providence society.

The mohawk colors of choice seemed to be orange and green but the nebulous cloud of fierce young smokers distorted the already-inadequit light. I was able to see the advent of all-ages-shows has made the punk-rock event look like a john hughes film shooting its load.

Nevertheless, Ashley graced us with her daunting agressive female screaming sometime after midnight.

I was a little distressed I couldn't hear her better, but Mike explained I wasn't supposed to understand it. Ashley has a compelling stage persona: long legs in red fishnets, miniscule mini, working the mike like she was born with it.

I was surprised no one was moshing and saying as much to Betty when another of Asley's friends decided to start. He thought it would be fun to use Betty's neck as a pivot point on which to spring into the crowd. That was enought to alarm the hell out of my suburban sensabilities, so we boogied out of there. We love Ashley and she was born for rock stardom, but I need this shit to start earlier so I can get to bed at a decent hour.



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