Issue 7 Contents


CD Review: RL Burnside

RL Burnside

"Come On In"

Epitaph Records


RL kicks ass. Epitaph has released 3 CD’s of his and they are doing the world a favor by making sure one of the last real blues artists doesn’t slip through the cracks. This CD is a remix CD, and while its cool the RL is working with people like Alec Empire, remixing old style blues is a so-so deal. The added backbeats and looped segments aren’t totally lame, but it seems so strange to hera electronica blues. RL has said that this album is the one he’s always wanted to make, that blues has always been dance music, however I don’t agree. But wait- don’t let me turn you off to this guy- RL rules. You ain’t heard blues like this in 40 years. Go buy some RL right now!


Dem Brooklyn Bums-

"There goes the Neighborhood"

YouGottaProblem WitDis Records

PO Box 1572 NY NY 10276


Swing, Swing, Swing it’s the new thing. Dem Brooklyn Bums have been getting in their van and leaving the Big Apple to do Wednesday nights at Club Hell and Thursdays in Boston and the practice shows. These boyz ain’t too bad at swinging and boppin and the whole routine. This CD has only 6 songs on it, but 4 of them are darn good. Dem BB’s is like an 8 piece or however many dudes they can fit in the van, so their sound is pretty full and they don’t get all wrapped up in being authentic swing. I really like "Boozin’ and Cruzin’," and the tango "Luigi’s Famous Pun-Tango." These guys have style. NY style too- they bitched me out for using ‘dude’ and made me promise that I’ll use ‘babe’ instead. I don’t know if I can do that, but I will keep going down to see them play ‘cause its pretty good shit.


Sex-O-Rama 2


Oglio Entertainment Group


PO Box 404-x2 Redondo Beach, CA 90277

This CD is nothing but classic adult film music. Big, big, bass lines and a little wah-wah guitar. The "songs" all have titles like "Stiffed," "Love Muscle," and "Bottoms Up." Now I’m not one who watched lots of classic porn, but I kind of dig this. I think I like it mostly because I can throw it on and watch my friends groove around to some old porn songs. It has yet to cause an orgy or even a woody in my house, but it does get a smile. This is a great car CD too. It doesn’t make driving to work seem like being in a porn, but the bass lines keep me going, and going. I do find it strange that the liner notes go over Jenna Jameson’s career (she’s on the cover), but totally fails to mention what movies these songs are from. Do I have to watch thousands of porn movies to find the one with "Big Top" on the soundtrack?


The Bombora’s-

"Head Shrinkin’ Fun"

Zombie A Go-Go Records


Rob zombie owns this label and the Bombora’s are the first band he signed I guess. This CD makes me feel like riding around the beach in the Munster car- kind of ghoul, but mostly surf. The Bombora’s are an awesome surf band and they try to jazz up their shows by doing nutty things. Check out our review of them playing with the Cramps and Amazing Crowns- they had go-go girls and played in skeleton suits under black lights. Creepy but fun.



Crazy Man Soup

Crazy Man Soup

18 Bixby Ave, N.Andover, MA 01845


I got this CD from a friend at work- its one of her friends bands. I don’t know where to place these guys- someplace between thrash, hardcore, and metal. I think this is their first CD, but its not bad. Singer Dan Jenkins has a good voice and the rest of the band isn’t half bad either. I liked "Down," which starts with Dan yelling "Gaze into my eyes, I’m the one who will bring you to your knees," to start it off. Check these guys out if they come to town.



Punk-O-Rama #3


Epitaph Records


I love these Epitaph releases- this one has 25 songs from pretty much everybody on the Epitaph roster- NOFX, Pennywise, Voodoo Glow Skulls, H2O, the Cramps, etc. Fast furious and full of fun. Punker than you. This CD has something for every punk on the planet- from Zeke to Agnostic Front. Go buy it.



Natural Calamity

"Peach Head"

Ideal Records, 2410 Hyperion Ave

LA, CA 90027


Natural Calamity is 2 guys from Japan and an American singer who play these groove jams that make you feel like you just did 200 bong hits of the creeper. Its slow , but not dead. I really did this kind of electronic space jams for the new millenium. My shrink gave me some of these relaxation tapes to listen to to calm down, but this is much better. Warning- don’t drive and listen to this- I was so spaced out I almost took out a fence.


Creeper Lagoon

"I Became Small and Go"

NickelBag Records

4470 Sunset Blvd. LA, CA 90027


Creeper Lagoon was getting some serious talk last year. I haven’t seen them perform, but I hear they do some awesome shit with mixing all kinds of sounds with their lo-fi rock. This CD is ok. Its lo-fi like I said, but it is still full. The songs are well produced and the band sounds great. Something is missing though- maybe a sense of humor?



Disappointment Incorporated

"Spoken Through the Profits"

Time Bomb Recordings/ BMG

6West 57th St. NY, NY 10019


This is a 4 song EP recorded at Linda’s Doll Hut in Anaheim and it rocks. Brian Burns has a cool voice and the band rocks pretty tough like. "Bleeding Boy" is the best song on the EP, and in fact its worth buying it just to hear that one song alone. I haven’t heard too much about these guys, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them if they come to town. File under ‘Alternative with Attitude."