Issue 7 Contents

The Cramps, The Amazing Royal Crowns, The Bomboras
@ Lupo's, 3/18/98

It's always a bold move booking a sex-rock act on a Wednesday night, but people who like bands like the Cramps will come out any night of the week to show off their leather wear and shake it down. Lupo?s wasn?t packed which was surprising considering local favorites The Amazing Royal Crowns were also on the bill. I got there early to make sure to see the Bomboras- I'd heard that they rock the surf thing pretty good.

The Bomboras are simply a good surf band. Most of their songs don't have any words, but they have that fat guitar beat that shimmies up and down your spine and gets them hips a shaking. They performed their entire set in the dark, lighting the stage with black lights to show off their groovy florescent skeleton suits and sombreros.

To help the dance impaired they also brought along some go-go girls who painted their bodacious bods with glow paint and shook it up pretty mean.

I really dug these guys. They had a great groove for most of their songs, and even when the black lights started driving me nuts I stuck it out to see them. Maybe it was the go-go girlies, or maybe the neon suits and surf beats hypnotized me, either way it was still fun.

While I was waiting for the Amazing Royal Crowns to hit the stage I saw the Cramps drummer, Harry Drumdini, hanging around the back of the crowd. I went up to him and gave him a flyer for the website and told him to check it out 'cause I was taking pictures and would post a review. He was as psyched (sorta) and we talked for a few minutes before the Crowns came out. I didn't have a tape recorder so I didn't try to do an interview, but Harry said the tour was going well, and the band is doing fine. Anyway, The Amazing Royal Crowns were of course amazing. They?ve been on the road for a while now supporting their self titled CD. They won 4 Boston music awards so they're hitting the clubs and spreading the love.

If you don't know the Amazing Royal Crowns, they're a great rockabilly, greaser punk, big ball of fun. Locally "Do The Devil" is getting some airplay, but I haven't seen it on the charts yet. The Crowns have just moved record companies or something, and I hear that they'll re-release their CD with some more tracks. They should also have a new one out before too long- that is if they stop touring long enough to record it.

By the time I got done taking a few photos of them the Lupo's was rocking. Hometown advantage paid off, and the band played a great set. Jason Kendall their singer really gives his all getting folks to loosen up and dance about for a while, and the band only gets better every time I see them.

The Colonel plays a great rockabilly twang while the rhythm section- stand up bass and drums kick it along.

Jason worked the folks into a frenzy shoving the microphone into their faces, urging them to jump along with him, and generally getting his groove thing on.   He brought out a horn section to play their part in "Do the Devil" and they stayed for a few numbers after.

It seemed like a pretty quick set but when I checked over my notes alter I counted 14 songs, so I guess it wasn't that short. I guess time passes quicker when you're having fun. Make sure you go see these guys if they come your way- wear a little hair grease and you'll be all set.

The Cramps came out and although their shtick hasn't changed in 20 years its still pretty cool. How can you complain about any band that has a pissed of Iggy Pop/ Frankenstein type singer and a fine babe in skimpy duds playing a fat guitar? Their new CD, "Big Beats from Badsville" is another classic in waiting- cool, irreverent, and full of kicks.

Lux Interio- the singer came out in a lovely black trench coat but shed it by the time they'd finished the opener, "Cramps Style." He spent the rest of the night rolling around on the floor and chucking his microphone around wearing a skintight black ensemble that left little to wonder. His vixen for life- Poison Ivy wore her tiger print bathing suit in an amazing display of sheer girl power.

I took some pictures and ended up behind some really slutty looking women. I didn't take too many notes, on the account of I was trying to get my elusive groove thing on, but nada. I did have a great time though, Lux really does put on a show.

By the end of the night I was all set with the booze, something about the Cramps style music really makes me want to drink. I stumbled over to Haven Brothers for a burger and fries before walking home to try to sober up a bit, but it didn't work and I ended up taking a little nap on the Brown University quad, but who cares?