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Bad Internet

Do you want to _know_ why its all crap? I mean, this big expensive elaborate internet of ours? I will illustrate.

My first example:


Second, I grabbed the com.zones file from internic. It's a list of all of the .com domains.

To give you an idea how fucked up everything is, look at this.

-rw-r--r--  1 60       10       45114620 May 23 22:36
-rw-r--r--  1 60       10         526366 May 23 22:37
-rw-r--r--  1 60       10          91533 May 23 22:40
-rw-r--r--  1 60       10          22888 May 23 22:56
-rw-r--r--  1 60       10        2406248 May 23 22:38
-rw-r--r--  1 60       10        3660582 May 23 22:40

Lesse.. Something look a little out of balance for a NSF/ARPA project? Designed for _education_, etc?

Its all fried up. Like, I scanned for domains with the words 'SEX' 'CUM' 'FUCK' and 'ADULT' in them.. Over 3000. That is out of approximatly 325,000 domains. So, only about 10% of this network WAS CREATED TO TRANSPORT PORNO TO PEOPLE. Checking usenet stats, over 90% of traffic is and

Can we even count the number of web sites with porn on them? I really really doubt it. There are _soo_ many.. But, I can get a count of indexed ones.

A search for 'sex' on altavista gave me 1307225 matches. 1.3 MILLION. That was a web search. A usenet search only yeilded 684538 matches of the word 'sex'. I look up 'pictures' harmless enough, eh? 2239554 matches. They are not all porn though. However, when i search those for the words 'sex, tits, fuck, pussy, nude' I only eliminate approximatly 250,000 entries. Just less the 2 million entries left.

So, the web is crap. Its easy to use, and you get to see naked girls on it. Thats _all it does_.. Jesus christ.. Can you explain to me why nap's spend millions on maintaining and building _huge_ elaborate networks just to courier this shit? Over $74 million dollars were spent last year setting up _one_ E3 across the atlantic. For what?

Sprint and mci have invested _hundreds of millions_ into a national backbone, and isp's buy up access faster then the phone companys can install the circuts. And what fuels it?

I just don't understand. It ceases to amuse me anymore. What is wrong? I don't understand it. If you saw 60 minutes last week, you saw a piece on how russia was 'a sick society', and really basically a dieing one too. Is it possible we're just a fucked up one? Like, people in general?

Ah well.

My boredom is the fuel for lots of pointless things.


Ok, I got really bored and decided to check up on the findings about the net sucking. here's what I found from 2 of the big engines...

                                       /----- Hits ----\
  String                           AltaVista       Infoseek
  frotteurism -purity              30              9
  image:fuck                        124             n/a
  image:sex                        1000            n/a
  necrophilia                      1086            91
  pedophilia                        3755            249
  bestiality                        5513            491
  pornography                 63106           3644
  porn -pornography        88212           2537
  erotic                           88913           4094
  fuck                           131373          4429
  sex                           1362314         28662

looks like this is showing 3 things... there are a good number of pervs out there, those people are very uncreative (more hits on sex than specific areas, as gross as they may be), and that altavista is actually a much better engine than infoseek for this stuff...