Issue 4 Contents


Editor's Letter

Well kids, better late than never is some sort of zine credo, and we know why. No excuses. Here it is: Whatever #4 - the back-to-school, summer-wrap-up, fall-kinda-thing.


We're having some kind of problem getting you people to write us bad job stories, and I was tired of passing my old jobs off, so there isnĀ¹t a "Prisoner of the Month" this issue. Send us your job horror stories and well give some free CDs to whoever has the worst one.

This issue marks Whatever's second year of production. It looks like we're gonna be able to do like three issues a year, so subscribers will get 4 issues for the 8 bucks, no matter how long it takes. Subscribers also get some of the free stickers and CDs that people send us.

This issue we're chock full of fun. Counts has done some great cartoons, McStretchy continues his crusade to help those in need, and we've got tons of photos for ya. Hopefully you'll take the time to also read the Election year coverage- since it is almost time to elect the President who'll govern the new millennium.

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