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Issue 4 Contents


A Conversation with Scott from Local H

I was supposed to meet Scott Lucas - the singer, guitarist, and bassist for Local H inside the WBRU Birthday Bash, but I couldn't find him and Imperial Teen was looking pretty good, and there was only two dressing rooms and G Love had the one that was big to himself, so I just kinda blew it off and figured Id catch up with him later.

Eventually I did find him, but it was right before Orange 9mm went on, so we were both kinda anxious to get back inside. Here then is the quickest interview ever.

Do you vote?

Normally I do but I was thinking of not even bothering this year.

You're not supporting either Clinton or Dole?


I just don't give a shit. I honestly don't think it matters. I know everyone's on this 'you gotta vote' thing - but I just don't care. So I probably won't vote this year. I have before, but now it's like 'why waste my time, what's the point?'

What's the worst job you┬╣ve ever had and why?

It didn't last very long, but telecommunications - phone selling that's probably the worst job anybody could have. I hated it.

What are you two doing next?

We're going out on tour with Orange 9mm next month. It should be fun we're doing the whole country and doing tons of all ages shows. Well Orange 9 is starting lets go back inside.