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The Ramones at The Strand

The Ramones have played their final show in Providence. It was an almost full house at the Strand where it seemed everybody was a long-time fan.

The "Adios Amigos" Tour has taken the Ramones on a world wide final tour de force of two minute songs that everybody knows. Since their inception in the 70's, the Ramones have become the most covered band of all time. Their songs appear in every party movie, with juvenile lyrics and a basic style that every kid with a guitar has learned since The Ramones first burst on the scene.

The repetoire hasn't changed a bit since '77. Every song is fast, loud, and deadpanned by Joey Ramone- a master of non-stage presence. CJ, the bass player who took over in '89 when Dee Dee took an early retirement option, shouted out the obligatory "1..2..3..4!" that introduces most songs.
Joey's low but audible monotone was perfect for singing, moshing, or even a little long-lost slam dancing. Everybody was in a festive mood, having just survived braving 50 below temperatures to get to the show. The Ramones don't go on until late, since their set is a blitzkrieg bop-athon, so we had plenty of drinking time to get warmed up.

On a happy note, there was a lovely couple in the VIP booth fresh from their wedding ceremony, who had chosen this, the day of the last Ramones' concert in Providence, to be the day of their eternal vows to each other. After the opening band Grenn finished their set, the wedding party had a little photo shoot where we all tried to get the bridesmaids to show us some tits, but no dice.

The first 15 to 20 minutes of the Ramones set included 8 big hits- "Blitz. Bop", "Rock & Roll Radio", "Rock & Roll High School", "I Wanna be Sedated", and "Spider Man's Theme Song"- "Spider Man, Spider Man, Does Whatever a Spider Can.." Everybody inside the Strand either sang, drank, or danced like crazy. It was really fun. Although the band moves very little, it really is amazing to watch them rip through 25 bonafide hits in under an hour and a half.

Joey took a break mid-set to let CJ sing a bunch of tunes. CJ did much of the writing on the "Adios Amigos" CD, and I'm hoping he will continue playing and singing after the Ramones retire.

After his break Joey came back, sang some more hits, covers, and new songs before leaving and returning to do the same some more, and then split forever. "Thanks alot- Adios Amigos" and he was gone.

At one point somebody in a dress and a mask came running on stage with a sign that said "Gabba Hey- Gabba Ho" but it wasn't Dee Dee returning to do a last song with the boys, just a frat guy on the move I guess.

I don't see the Ramones fading away anytime too soon- their songs are staples all over the world. I am glad the band has favored us with a farewell tour, I only hope they have the dignity not to turn it into some crap like The Who, retiring every three years. I would like to see The Ramones play New Year's Eve for 2000 though. Joey should have plenty of time to rest up for it.