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Oasis, The Strand, March 10, 1996

Oasis played a one-hour set at the Strand in Providence that was cut short when somebody threw a shoe at guitarist Noel Gallagher as he started a lovely mid-set acoustic version of their smash pop hit "Wonderwall."

I really felt sorry for the majority of the people who attended. Everybody was singing and dancing and having a great time. I've never seen the Strand so packed. I'd hoped Oasis was a little tougher than they turned out to be - I mean I ca n understand skipping "Wonderwall" as punishment, but leaving after an hour sucked.

Before it ended Oasis did play a pretty decent set. After I managed to squash myself forward to the huge pit, I saw them do "Swamp Song," "Supersonic," "Roll with it," "Rock and Roll Star," "(What's th e Story) Morning Glory," and a long "Champagne Supernova." The band was tight and rocked pretty solid for the kids until that awful shoe incident.

While reading up on my Oasis for the show, I noticed 3 repeated themes in their press: 1. Oasis thinks they rule. 2. The press loves to compare Oasis to the Beatles. 3. Oasis likes controversy.

Singer Liam Gallagher seemed indifferent or angry at most times, but people put up with it for the music. He sang with his hands behind his back looking up for every song. The only interaction he had with most of the crowed was when he bitched every body out for the shoe thing.

Oasis did two Beatles covers: "Octopus's Garden" was done alone by Noel, with help form the massive light show. "I am the Walrus" was done by the whole band to close the show. It was an angry that was actually the best song t hey did, since it had some real emotion behind it. They did the whole thing, but Liam threw down his microphone when he was done, and banged on the drums a while before leaving early.

It was so packed that it took me almost 15 minutes to get outside. Lots of people stood on the floor and chanted "You Suck!" at the band. It was pretty loud, so I figure the Gallagher boys must have heard. I hope they don't take it to o badly. I also hope people learn not to throw shoes at them. They definately aren't as tough as those boys in Silverchair who can take the occasional bottle to the head and still finish the song.