Issue 3 Contents


Mailbag- March 14, 1996

Dear Mr. Michael Gaughan,

I am a senior attending East Providence High School, and have a strong interest in obtaining information about your magazine. I first heard about the magazine "Whatever" from a friend. Although I was unable to attend the Oasis show on March tenth at Lup o's, two of my friends went with the intention of buying tickets from a scalper. If you will recall, you let my friend Tommy in by putting him on your guest list. When he told me the story about how he got in and showed me the business card you presente d him with, my interest in your magazine was immediately sparked.

Although I have searched a few places for "Whatever" I have found nothing. Is it at all possible to send me information on the magazine, where it can be found, or a copy of the magazine? Any effort to do so will be greatly appreciated. While I'm sure m ost of my questions will be answered, there is one that I must ask. Is it possible for anybody to write to your magazine for publication? I thank you for your time.

Billy Meehan

P.S. I am assuming that the man at the Oasis show was Mr. Michael Gaughan. If this is not true I apologize for my mistake.

Dear Bill,

The easiest way to get a copy of Whatever is through the mail. Send $2.00 to our PO box and our crack staff will send you a copy right away. You can also try some of the shops on Thayer Street or Wickenden in Providence, but most shops don't carry us because we don't have a distributor. Since you wrote our "Letter of the Month," we're sending you a free copy of Issue #3. Congratulations and thank you for your interest.

To answer your question, yes; anybody can write stories for us, but we print whatever we like.