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Everclear at Lupo's February, 16, 1996

It has been a good year so far for Everclear. Lead singer Art Alexakis knows this and is appreciative of the fans who are helping his band move up the charts.

"Thanks a lot for showing up on such a shitty night. Last time we played here we played the Met Cafe, this year has been fucking amazing," Alexakis told the sold out crowed at Lupo's that had braved another 8 inches of snow and lousy roads to see Everclear.

Many of the fans were from the "all ages" category, which can help sell out a show. Everclear, and Alexakis are aware of this and try to be assessable and nice to everybody. During set breaks the band hung out along side the stage and talked with fans. Alexakis was polite and charming to the girls who've pegged him as rock's x-junkie of the moment- he hugged, he mugged for photos, and even posed for a cheesy publicity shot- see whatever photo gallery.

Everclear's second CD was released in mid-1995, and is finally catching on. With honest songs that reflect Alexakis's struggle with the needle and a 'po white trash background, the band manages to relate to kids.

Their set is a mix of 70's hard rock, quirky punkish metal, some down home rockabilly style stuff , and a few slower meanderings for the young ladies. The band ripped through "Strawberry", "Electra Made Me Blind", "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore", and other songs from their getting-more-popular-by-the-day second album Sparkle and Fade."

Sorta new drummer Greg Eklund, and bassist Craig Montoya don't really have much of a stage presence during the band's set- Montoya did sing a cover of AC/DC's "Sin City"to thank so many people from Boston and Providence for showing up, but that was pretty much it. It is Alexakis's gawky and awkward amazement at his own band's success that really sets the band's style.

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