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Snuff, Lunachicks and NOFX, Club Babyhead, Feb. 29, 1996

Leap year comes once every four years, so I couldn't miss the Lunachicks- NOFX show at Babyhead when it passed by this week. Lunachicks are a great band when they have their shit together, and I figured NOFX must be at least as good so I schmoozed my way in and even managed to get the trusty camera in without problems.  

I should point out that I've been trying to photograph the Lunachicks for a while now. Every time I either get busted for not having a photo pass, or get nailed in the obligatory frisk down at the door. Last time Lunachicks played Providence I wasn't allowed to bring in a pen either- 'cause I might stab somebody with the bic- so note taking can be difficult as well. I have nothing from the Lunachicks- Rancid show from this winter, but hey that's cool.

This time at least I got the camera in, and as you can see the photos suck.

I took them from the pit, since it was as close as I could get, but I couldn't ever stand still long enough to get some good shots. Sorry. I feel bad for everybody, si nce the Lunachicks have such the photo cool stage look. Theo had her white rubber nurses uniform on and looked in decent health. I hear she's had troubles of late, so I was really happy to see her put some mysonagistic hecklers in their place- with a n ice version of "Butt Plug."

The chicks' set was short, sweet, and on the mark. They seemed a little pissed for a while, since Mr. Misogyny and friends took a while to shut up, but they kept plugging the hell out of their shit and come out on top.

It was technically Sadie Hawkins day, so the girls should have been asking the boys for a throw, but none seemed aware of their social duties. I tried to make it known that people were missing out on a really great social tradition, but nobody cared . Girls just didn't seem into it.

The crowd had a great time dancing away the holiday. The first band Snuff was a great ska punk kind of English thing that really loosened up the old bones a bit. They did some lead trombone mod shuffles and the like that were a welcome relief for my ears. Its been a long time since good ska was really popular, and longer since if seen great ska and shufflety-de trombone.

Anyway the Lunachicks ripped through much of their new "Jerk of All Trades" CD, which is a must buy if you like glitter girl attitude punk. Theo is tremendous stage presence, and the other girls, especially Squid and Gina can definitely hol d their own.

Since taking pictures was a bust I did try to take notes, but that turned sour when I did almost stab some poor kid. Sorry to NOFX for not having anything to say except they were pretty fucking good. I did listen to their new "Heavy Petting Zoo" CD a few times, but I didn't remember any of the song names during the show. I just danced and drank and went home when it was over, sorry that it would take another four years for another day like Feb. 29th again.

As the Lunachicks went off stage I handed them some Whatever Web Page handouts to let them know they were in for some free publicity. I tried to hollar a reminder about Sadie Hawkins Day at them, but they didn't hear me, or didn't care, or di dn't need a man in the mix, I don't know. I just hope it doesn't take four years for them to come back, Sadie Hawkins Day is over, but I'd let Theo and the chicks dominate me any day.