Issue 8 Contents


Thoughts on Littleton

After the Littleton fiasco, our first lady, among others, attacked the "The constant exposure to violence on TV, in the movies, on video games, in music there's much too much evidence that children get desensitized... There's so much of it. We're awash in it." Sure it's easy to blame violent music and television for acts of violence. Therein lies the problem: blaming an easy target has always been an excellent way to avoid the truth. People seem to think society suddenly became violent in the last few years or decades. This is ludicrous. Man has always been destructive and savage and this has been proven over and over throughout history. We use to gather in town and stone criminals to death, for God's sake. If anyone's willing to volunteer for a stoning, s/he could give us an excellent view of the savagery of man. Any volunteers? I didn't think so. It's not exactly as gentle as the lethal injection.

If television is inciting our children to violence, why haven't all those people who grew up watching Vietnam on TV gone ballistic? The blamers will say Vietnam awakened people to the horrors of war, not the glory of violence. While that might actually be true, it only assists in proving that our interpretation of violence is at issue and not its presentation. The influence of violent images, in games , movies, or tv, is dependant on the way we perceive it, not on the method by which we receive it.

The real way to prevent school violence is to find out why your kid's head is so screwed up and fix it.

Top 11 People/Things to Blame for the Colorado School Shootings

11) Anyone with a cellphone
10) Milosovich, for starting the ethnic cleansing trend of the late 90's
9) Pam Anderson, for destroying the silicon dream
8) Charlton Heston, for fighting for the right to bear arms
7) Despots whose birthdays fall on April 20
6) Christian Slater; he was in "Heathers" after all
5) London Fog, Pioneer of the black trenchcoat
4) Filter and that "Hey man, nice shot" song
3) Marilyn Manson, because it's rumored he collects pentagrams
2) Barbra Streisand, for picking fights with Charlton Heston
1) How about the two boys with the guns?