Issue 8 Contents


Editor's Letter

Welcome to Whatever Magazine Issue #8. Technically this is our fifth anniversary, so kudos to you for finding us and continuing to support our efforts. We have to move our mailbox so check the web for the new address.

The post office changed their rules, and now I have to register the box with every name that might get mail addressed to that box, and show two forms of ID for each person that I register. My old site is tired of the hassle, so they decided to drop that part of their business. Now IUll have to pay twice as much and figure pout a way for the shit that comes addressed to my cats forwarded.

ItUs a pretty lousy day in America when I canUt get stupid stuff sent addressed to the cat anymore. Gone are the days of calling the 700 Club and giving them WillyUs name. No more Herbal Stacy catalogs for Rev. McStretchy, and no more Y2K survivalist guides either. This means that you have to send everything addressed to either Mike Gaughan or Whatever Magazine or the post guy wonUt deliver it. All letters that come for "Stupid Poser Ass Hole" canUt be delivered, which is a shame since they are usually the best. I guess youUll have to use it as the salutation in the letter instead.

IUve also just spent the day trying to figure out why I live in one of the richest towns in Rhode Island but my cable service is straight outta 1983. I swear itUs atrocious. The cable box makes a TbrrtU sound every time you change the channel, so an average night of guy-flicking (38 channels per second) makes you want to rip your face off. We donUt have any Textended basicU service, only one tier and then pay per view stuff like HBO. The whole rest of Rhode Island has Cox Cable: 10 more channels and decent reception, but we canUt because then Cox would have a monopoly. I suffer so they donUt oppress me. IUm already oppressed. I know it seems stupid to get bent up about my cable options, limited as they may be, but IUm personally spearheading an effort to bring some change. At least itUs a more constructive than sending civil war chess sets to people I despise. IUm sure IUll end up getting either banned from cable, or forever stuck watching PBS. ItUs petty as hell, but somebody has got to do it.

Those of you who are loyal Whatever readers will notice a bit of a change this issue as far as content goes. The past 6 months IUve been kinda broke and bored, so I didnUt hit as many shows as I usually do. All thatUs will change thanks to Woodstock U99, where IUll get to cover dozens of bands. I just got equipped with a mess of camping gear and starting the countdown. Look for the big Whatever Magazine expo someplace in the Boston camping area near the busses. WeUll try to do a special Woodstock issue sometime in August, so keep an eye out.

Issue #8 features rants from WhateverUs own Lizzy Love and her endless efforts to keep the internet full of quality information. SheUs taken on "The Diva" and her lousy gossip, "Phantom Menace" critics, and complains about other magazines on the web. WeUve also got some thoughts on Littleton, and a bunch of "Wage Slave" stories. We also included a few of the Top 11 lists we try to post to the site daily. If you havenUt seen them, we post all the lists to one page to make it easy for you to read and scroll through them as you slack at work. We also just posted some shockwave political cartoons on the web.

Thanks for taking the time to give Whatever a read and thanks to all the bands who give me photo passes and those who send me free stuff to listen to. Lizzy deserves the biggest thanks this time since she put the whole issue together without any one helping. I guess she does the whole website too. Handy. Have a great summer!