Issue 8 Contents


The Donnas and The Hi-Fives, The Met Cafe, November 12, 1998

Donnas, Donnas, Donnas, I hear lots about them these days. Whatever reviewed their CD "American Teenage Rock and Roll Machine" in the last issue, and while I gave them the thumbs-up I did take a few cheap shots at them because of their age and stuff. I only mention this because after I gave Donna R. a copy for taking a "Whatever Shameless Promotion" picture the other ladies ended up reading my review and explaining to me where they thought I was wrong.

Mostly Donna C, the drummer didn't like me saying "It's so simple you can almost hear Donna C counting her drum beats in her head."

She thought it made her sound stupid. So, I gotta say she's isn't. She kicked some drum ass during the Donnas set.- honest.

The Donnas were pretty awesome. Its everything that's been missing from music for a while- 4 young people who've been playing together since like 13 who just play simple punk about dating, drinking, and having fun. They ripped through three or four songs at a time with only the bass player, Donna F yelling, "come on" or "lets go" between songs.

Donna R really plays some good licks on her guitar while slouching around the stage with a big smile on her face. She and the singer, Donna A, worked the crowd and kept things simple. I think they did like 19 songs or something, I can't remember and I didn't keep a list- sorry. I can say that they did most of "American Teenage R&R Machine," as well as some of their earlier stuff which Lookout! has re-issued- so go get it.
The fans all mashed themselves up to the stage and had a great time singing along and jumping around. The Donnas don't go for any flashy stage gimmicks and just pumped out the tunes. There wasn't any stage diving or gorilla pit to deal with so everybody was just doing the pogo and drinking some brews. I had a blast, it was really great.

Hopefully the Donnas will keep touring. When I talked to them they had dropped out of their freshman year of College to do this tour and didn't know if they were going back or not. I'd like to think that they could count on getting bigger and bigger, but who knows? Lately I've heard that they are recording again and a CD should be out by summer. I really hope so.

Also on the bill from Lookout! were The Hi-Fives. These guys were a 4 piece with a wide body guitar and old style suits. They did a mix of pop rock, punk, and even some good surf. I loved the surf, "Black Sand Beach," which was an instrumental that rocked, bit other songs like "Smoochin the Pooch," and "Seven Years," were also pretty good. They may have looked kinda white bread in their Beatles suits, but they did punk it up pretty nice.
Providence's' own Double Nuthins opened the night. These guys put out one of my favorite 7inch with a b side- "Going To Sh'Booms which is a riot. They always do a great set. Jay, Ted, and Matt play some good straight punk and also like to goof around to keep things fun. Write to them for the 7inch at PO Box 28097 Providence, RI 02911.