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Bad Job: My Boss is a liar!

From Thu Dec 31 09:13:46 1998
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:15:17 -0600 (CST)
From: sexy buddha
Subject: my boss is a liar!!!

Okay now there are a lot of horror stories about bad jobs, especially in telemarketing. So to make you feel a littlle better about your bad job here's mine... I've worked at the same job for a year and a half, promisd a raise after a year (no raise yet). When i got my review which tells me how much my raise will be, i got less than half of what i was promised. When i approached my supervisor about this error i was called a liar, he said there was no way anybody could get that high of pay raise, i was also promised by my supervisors supervisor that i would get to work at least 35 hrs a week i am currently working about 6-20 hrs a week.

I work for one of the largest telemarketing companies in the united states who make millions of dollars a year or more why is this happening? They screw up on my pay checks nearly every paycheck, screwed me out of hours worked, won't let me take my accumulated vacation hours unless i work at least 25 hours a week, All the supervisors that work there were hired after me and at least 3/4ths of them are men, maybe more. I know i'm a good worker yet every higher position i apply for i don't even get an interview for, when i asked about that, the only real reply i get is that position was already filled or they didn't do interviews.

They don't give me holiday pay because i don't work enough hours. They do however give my 2 sick days a year equal to 16 hours but when i take one they only pay me for two to three hours of it. I'd have to be sick for two weeks to use it all. both supervisors have told me how good of a job i do yet write me a bad review. i am supposed to get a refferal bonus for geting other poor souls to work here, but when i do they say i can't have it because the person was hired into a position other than phone sales. They screwed up my medical benifits which ended with me paying 100 dollars a week for my current plan plus unpaid fees, which they forgot to bill me for in the first place.

I informed my supervisor that i was being harrassed by a co-worker, he said he would talk to the guy about it, he told him to stop, the guy did for like 2 days than started again. I kept telling my supervisor what was going on and nothing happend. My supervisor and the guy who was harrassing me were pot smoking buddies and i think, but am not sure that, that may have had something to do with it. I can put up with a lot of shit but after 6 months of telling the guy to leave me alone was enough. I like the actual job i do but the company could definately work on their employer-employee relations. The company itself has good intentions but some of their staff forget what it's like to be the little guy. I need this job to support myself and son... at least until i finish college. Man my job sucks!!!! Thanks for letting me vent. Editor's Note: Thanks for venting & hang in there!