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Voodo Glow Skulls, Offspring, The Joykiller @ The Strand, 10/2/97

Both Voodoo Glow Skuls and Offspring played great shows in the area this summer, but the Thursday night booking make it difficult for lots of people to go to this one. About 1/2 the people who showed bought tickets at the window, and even though the pla ce was pretty packed it wasn't a sellout. No matter, the place still rocked and everybody had a great time. The Joykiller played around 9:00 and it was o.k. They had this punk attitude and punk look, but sounded like the Who. As their set went on I got used to it, and by the end I wanted to know more, so I guess even though this guy's voice reminded me of Roger Daltry (who I do not dig) I liked it. Apparently they invited the lead singer on to the "Montel" show, and instead of it being about him screwing over some fat chick, they accused him of being a Satan-worshipping bastard. He got pissed, wrote a song, and the big baby Montel is suing them. I think the song is called "Supervision," and it was pretty good.

Voodoo Glow Skulls were next. I love them- they're like The Bosstones from LA- instead of ska-core they play salsa-core. They do it bi-lingual Spanish/English and have a great 3piece horn section that kicks the fuck out of it. They're an Epitaph band and their second CD is called ""Baile De Los Locos," or "Dance of the Crazy People."

VGS do a great live show. They play the ska-core fast and hard, with lead singer Frank barking lyrics twice or three times as fast as Dickey Barret ever does. It's ferocious on one hand, but then the band breaks it down and the kids all pogo along with Frank and all is right with life. Its really amazing.

Anyway, they opened with "Baile De Los Locos," and slid into a great version of the oldie "Charlie Brown." Frank barks through the lyrics of Charlie Brown real fast but the band did that breaking-it-down and skanking-it-up trick I mentioned during the middle and made it nice and long to get everybody loosened up. After that they skipped back and forth between their two CDs and really did a fab set.

If Voodoo Glow Skulls come to where you are you have to go. They play lots of shows cheap, and are worth more than they get. The pit is always great, the band it tight as hell, and Frank is just the balls. (sorry to gush, but nobody at work knew them, not even the cool people and I gotta fix that 'cause this shit kicks.)

Voodoo Glow Skulls

Offspring also did a really excellent set. Offspring kicked ass at the Skankin and crankin fest WBCN put on this summer and even though the set was pretty much the same they still play the hell out of it.

If you're not an Offspring fan its ok, you probabally know more of their songs than you think and should check them out because they do it clean and smart. The band isn't fucked up on drugs from the look fo them, and Dexter the lead singer has like a Master's in Engineering or something geeky like that. They're energetic, engaging, goofy, and serious while they play a tight and upbeat set.

The one song most people know is "Come out and Play," or "Ya Gotta keep'em Separated" as it known. They did that one like 5 songs into the set, and the place was crazy-mosh-maddness from then on.

Offspring do a set full of fun. In the middle a babe comes out with a sign that flashes "intermission" and the band sits on a couch that gets wheeled in for them. Bubbles float over the audience and everybody takes a moment to catch their breath and have a drink. Dexter gives some beers out each show for the kids up front- I guess he figures that if the clubs won't get them some water he might as well do his part to keep them from dehydration.

The band ripped through "Gotta Get Away," the ska-ish "What Happened to You," some rippin punk thing called "Smash," "Come Out and Play," "Me and My Old Lady," from the new "Innay on the Hombre" CD, as well as "Self Esteem," "Gone Away," and some " Revenge of the Nerds" thing as part of the encore.
Although it wasn't a Friday of Saturday, the Strand was still pretty packed full of people. Offspring did a great show that was well worth the cash. It was really nice to see a band that doesn't seem all fucked up , that cares about the kids, and even is willing to get the bouncers to stage dive to prove they aren't pussies.