Issue 6 Contents


Update from Counts

Sorry to be out of touch, but it has been a busy couple of weeks. I guess it began with a practice performance by my improv comedy class (that went poorly), followed by the actual performance that went very well and was captured on videotape. A casting agent appoached me afterward with her card. Unfortunately, I missed her later in the week when she suggested that I stop by to drop off a head shot and I haven't been back yet. I wonder if she'll remember me now.
Later in the week I auditioned for co-worker's fiancee's movie. While I was waiting to audition, I also auditioned for an Emerson Independent Television Show "My Brother The Eskimo," a wackier version of Northern Exposure.

Thursday Nov. 13:
I learned that I got the part as I was beginining to work on the Company Chili Booth for the Comdex/Micrografx Chili For Children Cook-Off, hosted by John Walsh of America's Most wanted. I was here overnight on a Thursday working on that. Ran home in a Snowstorm at 5 am.

Friday Nov.14:
Woke -up at 8 and ran to work in snowstorm. Stayed 'til 9:00 pm seeing everything off via FEDEX.

Saturday Nov. 15th:
Packed clothes in a big backpack and ran to the Massachusetts State Cross-Country Championships. Watched Brookline's girls win and boys take 4th place in 4-6 inches of snow and mud. Our top girl won as an individual, as well. Took the train directly from the meet to Logan to meet Wife in State College, PA for the weekend. Flew from Pittsburgh to State College on a USAir prop commuter airplane in a snowstorm (don't recommend it), met Wife and had dinner with friends.

Sunday Nov. 16th:
Lord's day

Monday, Nov. 17th:
Wake at 5:45am to run with Wife's psycho, farmer/lawyer uncle in the dark. Catch plane to Pittsburgh. While in the airport see Spalding Grey (The Killing Fields, Swimming to Cambodia), he's chatting up some theater major while I read The truth in acting by Thom Babson, the guy who played a hapless lawyer in the early episodes of Cheers. Fly to Boston. Go to work and get swamped when I thought I was just going to stop in. No time to go home, so I go straight back to the airport to fly to Vegas for COMDEX - - actually, I didn't go straight back. I had to stop at Jack's Joke Shop in the theater district to pick-up an alien mask for the chili cook-off. Board plane at 7:00pm. Movies are "A Smile Like Yours" and "Men In Black" headsets are 5 bucks which is outra geous. Fortunately, the person occupying the seat on the previous flight had not surrendered his headphones, so it was a freebee (actually, I didn't even listen. I was reading my acting book and Spy magazine). Arrived at Monte Carlo Hotel at 11pm local ti me. Coworker leaves message that she is blowing me off for a company expensed meal because SHE'S TIRED!!!??? Pay for my own meal and beer in a brewery on the first floor -- alone. go back up to my room and watch TV 'til 2:30.

Tuesday, Nov. 18th:
Go to Hotel Gym. Curley is there. Must punish him for something. Get on Treadmill and max it out for 36 min. Get coffee, walk a bit, write post cards, back to the gym for another session. Meet Company chili Chef for final shopping, go to Cook-off to set u p booth. Event organizer Laura Cavala says we have best booth banner and asks for T-shirt. Roadies setting up booth joke about steeling our banner after the show. Partner of company arrives, dons hazzardous materials suit, yellow rubber boots and gloves and alien mask and remarks, "Counts, it's too bad we already signed the bonus checks." Random guy shakes my hand saying, "Dave Counts, YOU RULE!" Another Partner hands out radioactive material stickers from three industial rolls of the stuff. Okay this is taking too long. Late Night.

Wednesday, Nov. 19th:
Waiting for the red -eye, I go to the gym 3 times to use the treadmill, maxed. Two trips up a 75' rock sculpture at a climbing park. Give money to church goers collecting for food bank so that my change will not end up in slots. catch red-eye. Read, sleep .

Thursday, Nov. 20th:
Arrive at Airport at 7:00am, Work at 7:40am. Couldn't deal and went home early.

Friday, Nov. 21st:
Insane day at work. Went home to have dinner with wife and visiting relatives. Began overnight shooting of coworker's finace's movie at 10pm. This is a great story in itself.

Saturday, Nov. 22nd:
Finish shooting interior scenes at 8:30 am! Take T home. Sleep almost 3 hours, go to Harvard Square with Wife and relatives. Come home early to sleep, but relatives with car bag Harvard square shortly after we do on the T. Watch Football, eat, talk, SNL w ith Rudi Guiliani.

Sunday, Nov. 23rd:
Report to Somerville for shooting of exterior scenes in snowstorm. Co-star is a pill. Shoot 'til sunset.

Monday, Nov.24th:
Stress out all day long as Big Boss and Lesser Boss work on Big Network Systems presentation until it is a 32 page memory monster. Big Boss makes his last changes sometime after 4:00 on my computer and tells me he wants 3 color copies, and a set of transp arencies. Lesser Boss says to leave for the airport at 5:30. He says he'll stay 'til 6:00. I am printing pages and sending them down to Copy Cop as they come out of our 3 minutes per page 1973 HP suck jet. I plan to bring stuff to Big Boss at the airport, but he delays hs departure. I call Copy Cop and they say they're almost done. I take the elevator down with Big Boss and Copy Cop losers can't find the stuff for 5 minutes!!!! AGGHHH. When I return to check email for the first time in the day, I discover that Jonathon Riley (Brookline '97) has won All America honor and been crucial in Stanford's three point victory over Arkansas in the NCAA Cross Country Championships!!!!!

Tuesday, Nov. 25th:
Write long email update.