Issue 6 Contents


Editor's Letter

Well good reader its the end of another year. This is in fact the third Christmas time issue we've done. Being the New Year season and all I've been feeling retrospective and thinking about what to do with this zine your reading.

Let's start with the facts. We haven't been quarterly ever, but we claim we are. We're more like three times a year. I titled the zine "Whatever- the zine for Good People with Bad Jobs," but since issue #2 we get fewer and fewer bad job stories. Tons of people do it better. I've also got to get something moving on the cartoon scene- we started out great but we've slacked.

Part of it is our staff. Both Lizzy and I have corporate jobs- I'm a supervisor and that's management scum right? Counts has moved up too- he barely has time to doodle and manage the PR firm's art work. Rob has moved from painting to carpentry, and is the only member of the full time staff who isn't corporate scum. He's so pure he lives on a houseboat. Unfortunately, his computer crashed and the guy whose supposed to fix it hasn't been seen in months.

I would love to write more about corporate america in the zine, but we all had to sign non-disclosure agreements, so its hard. I'd love to bitch and moan and use the zine as a way to get my aggressions out about my employees and their higher management "team" but I can't. Same with Lizzy and Counts. We're stuck. So we have to get more submissions, which are hard to come by. We have scrounged up two decent ones for this issue, so check 'em out.

Anyway, direction is something we seem to be struggling with. We're not going to do any major shake ups in this issue, but the next one might be a bit different. If you want to see us address anything let us know, we're open to suggestions.

Don't forget that Whatever is also an awesome website. Lizzy updates it all the time with our stuff, and it is much more current than the print version. Everything is in full color, so concert photos come out much better if that's what your into. We got the java chat room working again, and we added altavista so you can search the website.

I've got big plans for this little rag, but I can't figure out how to pull it off. If we could sell some ads we could get a new computer and get a cheap CD burner and start putting out a CD with each issue. Counts enrolled in some TV animation class and wants to do Whatever public access television. We keep kicking around bumper stickers and t-shirt ideas, all sorts of shit, but we've got no $$!

I love doing this and I want to make it better. Sorry we don't have any well researched articles, or any provocative art work to look at and read, but we're gonna grow and change, so stick with us and let us know what you think.

Now that that's all off my chest have fun with this issue- McStretchy is back, as are some lousy job stories, and plenty of reviews. We'll be back in '98 better than ever, and printing Whatever we feel like I guess.