Issue 6 Contents


Jerked Around

Managers suck.

I went to my boss today and asked for another raise... it's been over 7 months since my last raise, and my friend Rick, who went full time about 3 months ago, has gotten two already whereas I've only gotten one. Well my boss made it pretty apparent that she was reluctant to give me the raise and said she had to talk to my supervisor...

Why was she reluctant? Because she's completely basing her opinion of my work on whether or not I am sweating. I have an extremely laid back, get another cup of coffee attitude towards work, which could make it appear to her that I don't take the job seriously and am wasting company time on a regular basis. What they are failing to realize is that in my 20-30 hours a week, I build and repair more computer systems than any of the full timers, and I also sell more machines than all the other techs combined! The only person who does build more systems than me is my supervisor... and he works around 50 hours a week and never sells or repairs any systems.

So my question is, which is more important? I'm making the company tons of cash... $200-300 per machine I build or sell (1-2 an hour) and $40/hour for repair work, which I frequently finish in half the time that I charge the customer for... Now if I can do that and still not sweat it... if I can make $400/hour for the company that is paying me $7/hour... and still have time for coffee breaks and a little bit of fun time installing stuff on the demo machine (which incidently helps sell new machines... I went away for a week once and when I came back I watched Manny lose 2 sales simply because the demo machine was broken and no one had bothered to fix the damn thing)... if I can do that, wouldn't that make me a valuable asset to the company?

No, I'm a little peon. I'm the lousy part-time hired help, no matter that I worked 60 hours a week over the summer without time-and-a-half for overtime, no matter that I make more money for the company, no matter that next after the smiley 69-year-old Manny I'm the most customer-friendly person they've got... I'm not worth shit. I'm just the lazy bastard that sits on his ass all day drinking coffee. Why the hell can't they see that my machines are better than everyone else's? Why can't they see that less than 5% of my machines come back for warrantee service for the first year?

Well, fuck them. Fuck them all. Managers are idiots.