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Music Reviews

Dash Rip Rock "Gold Record" Naked Language Records
These guys are responsible for the novelty "(Let's Go) Smoke Some Pot," which WBCN has started to play at 5:00 for those of us stuck in traffic. The CD is worth it if you smoke pot or not.
Although these guys have played for like 12 years, this CD has tons of other goofy covers and live songs thrown in to keep it lively. The boys like the rockabilly, surf, country punk thing- and they do it well. "Gold" includes covers of "Rawhide," "I S aw the Light," and "Born on the Bayou." They also do such fun drinking tunes as "Jambalaya," "Pussywhipped," and "Bumfuck Egypt." Stravinsky it ainÕt, but it makes ya want to boogie.

Reel Big Fish "Turn the Radio Off" Mojo Records
I don't know how long this one has been out, I only searched it out when I found out they were opening for Goldfinger. Turns out these fellas are a seven piece skank fest. RBF aren't as heavy as say the Bosstones, they seem to prefer lighter songs abou t chicks and trendy people. I liked it because I'm a sucker for ska horns. They do a funny song "She Has a Girlfriend Now," about a guy whose chick switches sides that's a decent goof on an old theme, but they shine on horn filled songs like "Sell Out," and "Join the Club." They can break it down pretty good too. IÕm writing this before the Goldfinger show, so I havenÕt seen them yet- check elsewhere in this issue for a live review of these guys.

The Dear Janes "No Skin" Geffen
The Dear Janes are Ginny Clee and Barbara Marsh- one English, one American both guitar-playing women. This is their second CD, and it has a band backing them- but I've never heard them without one so I can't say if its better. "No Skin" is the kind of CD I like to play on Sunday mornings when I'm reading the paper. Folksy, not noisy, a couple of chicks wailing out their problems. These women sing lyrics like "I donÕt care what you think of me, you might disagree, makes no dif ference to me" in a joyous tone so it's like quiet anger. The song is called "Anger" so I guess they got the right to sing it how they want. They also do happy songs, songs about suicide, songs about mom passing away from Alzheimer's, and songs about fal ling in love- so it's quite a rollercoaster of emotions. This isn't great, but if you looking for a break from your Shawn Colvin, Cowboy Junkies collection this could be worth it.

Music from the Motion Picture "Trees Lounge" MCA Records
MCA sent this one to me- its got a big photo of Steve Buscemi on the front drinking a beer and kicking back. I guess the movie is a bout a bunch of booze hounds or something, I didn't see it, and I don't think it's at Blockbuster yet. Anyway I had no i dea that Brenda Lee was as good a singer as my beloved Patsy. This CD has two covers by her and each one rips my heart out. I'm gonna go get her greatest hits or something 'cause she rules. There's plenty of other retro songs from years gone by, but Bre nda Lee rules this one with "Break It To Me Gently." God, it really makes me want to cry over a drink- I gotta go.

Placebo "Placebo" Carolline
I missed these guys in Boston and I'm kinda sorry because this CD is pretty good. Placebo is a three piece that plays twitchy pop songs with attitude. You know the type- they even do a song called "Nancy Boy." I liked "Come Home," and the trippy "Hang on to Your IQ." I like to play this one at night driving home in the dark because it makes the time seem to fly by- almost like I had a buzz on or something from a few beers ya know? It reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkins because of their sonic but tri ppy pop sound, but that's not a bad thing if I'm not thinking about how rotten Mass. drivers are.

Downset "Do We Speak a Dead Language?" Mercury
Loud thrash on a major label, but not bad. These guys do a good mix of power chords and shouting hip hop social commentary like "Cast your judgment! Hurl a stone!" These guys would probably beat me up for being a rich white fuck, but I bet they'd be f un to thrash to. I gotta read their bio- the CD's 'thanks' section is all God. Oh well. Thrash dudes who respect God and family- how can I slag them?

The Muffs "Happy Birthday to Me" Reprise
I love the Muffs. This CD came out two days after I turned 30, so I had to grab it ASAP. 15 songs and a 'new Jazz' bonus track, total playing time 48 min. Lots of the songs come in around the two minute mark, but its ok- you donÕt want catchy pop punk to last like some Pink Floyd tune. Kim's not as angry, or she doesn't scream as much as their last CD, but she's still the balls. Songs like, "I'm A Dick," rock my fancy. "You're a dick/ you're a dick/ and I could care less." Kim really does rock. Her songs are catchy and light sounding, but she's usually singing about heartbreak. Her voice reaches this squelch that's half-scream, half-getting punched in the stomach (sounds like it hurts- but it gives the Muffs some charact er.) This CD isn't all depression either, in fact "Happy Birthday to Me" is a lot more a pop album than their last release. Ronnie and Roy- bass & drums play excellent, but other than some backing vocals they just play. The band is really tight but the boys stick to the background. This was a total must buy as far as I was concerned, but I'm bias- still I think this is worth the money for anybody.

Bruce Cote "No Way But Up!" New Awakenings Records
I got this one from a guy in Maine. His PR release says he's 'a former crisis intervention worker, teacher, and single father raising three children.' I feared the worst, but was surprised. This is pop/ rock/ and I almost want to say new age. You can tell he was a crisis intervention worker, but if you need a quick pop fix up and you hate punk, well Bruce might do ya fine. This is kind of like John Cougar meets James Taylor and Yani and they have a guitar playing kid. It's got this airy background feel to it, not quite the Dead, not Yani, but someplace between for sure. This might not be for everybody, but if like you have some hippie new age people looking for something to do 'cause Garcia is fucking dead already! than give them this one. It might jolt them enough to get them to go out again. Plus Bruce gives cash to charity for buying this one, so its good karma.

Size 14 "Size 14" Volcano Recordings
Size 14 is one of those pop rock bands that sings goofy songs that are actually good. These guys do songs like "I Touched Her Ass," "People Get RALLY Drunk in Las Vegas," and their catchy favorite "Claire Danes Poster." Its pretty sing-songy but they p ull it off. MTV used the "Claire Danes" song for the real Rock the Vote ad she did. I'll bet they don't let you hear them sing "IÕm gonna pick up some beer, stay at home and stare at my Claire Dane poster," but it gives the band some credit for their mu sic.

The Artist still known as ART Paul Schlosser "I'm a Prince" A.P.S. Records, Tapes, and CDs.
This guy is ballsy. I put a cartoon and a letter of his in this issue so write him for his out there CD "IÕm a Prince." Its just good old ART Paul Schlosser and his guitar, singing 35 songs- some like "The Lord is There" even feature a kazoo. Its prett y simple but he's got heart. He's a bit off key but he makes me smile with his delivery. This isn't for the timid and it might make you crazy but if you've got the balls to take on street people this is for you. To be honest, I've been sending them as v oice mail to people- songs like "Are you Gullible," "I Ate the PoppinÕ Fresh Dough Boy," and "Corn joke" make great messages to confuse people and they aren't in your voice. (Oh yeah, he's pretty much a one chord man too.)

Ween "The Mollusk" Elektra
Ween rule. This is the follow up to their country CD and its nautical themed Beatles tunes and smutty fun. I guess the Ween brothers locked themselves into a cabin and a few barns to record this one. The production is awesome- lots of syntho noises and warbly vocals on songs like "I'll be Your Jonny On The Spot," and "The Golden Eel." They do an Irish ditty with some dirty lyrics and pub noises, as well as a lovely number called "I'm Waving my Dick in The Wind." Try it youÕll like it.

No Knife "...hit man dreams..." Time Bomb Recordings
If you like grungy, intelligent melodic songs this is right up your deal. These guys are from San Diego and theyÕve got their stuff down. I liked "Hit Man Dreams," which is about a guy who dreams of killing his chick. Its got an "Oh-oh they're playin g our song" chorus, but the song is pretty cool- "these days I'm hard pressed, it's an impersonal thing, to become the shape in your doorway, to bury you under the boards like the rest."

Lusk "Free Mars" Volcano Recordings
I gave this to my friend who does 16 bong hits and lays on the floor after tending bar in a meat market kind of place. He hates the music they play and it stresses him out- therefore he likes to do many bong hits. Anyway, their bio says, 'Songs that br oadcast freely, passages of creamy goo entice second and third retracings. Velvet laughter jumps around inside your head, no need to feel paranoid...its LUSK, remember?' How could I say anything better?

Jules Cohen "Splash of Red" Red J Music
Jules Cohen is one of those front women with a good voice who needs a better song. Her EP is good pop, with a bit of a B-52 feel to it on "Orbital You," and "Methuselah is Drinking Frappuchino." If she had some better writing (like this zine) she'd do better (like this zine).

Subincision "Subincision" Beach Recordings
Good old school punk. Short, fast, grunty, and easy to chant to. The guys goof around a bit on songs like "Fan," and "Speed for Nico," but I really like them. They're touring starting late summer, so keep an eye out for them. These guys seem to be the real deal in the good old way so do seek this CD out. Other stand out songs include "Life Sucks," and "DrinkinÕ Bacardi." A Gilman band for the future.

JP Jones "Bard" Vision Company Records
I gave this one to my bong hit buddy- its computer generated music that uplifts and stuff. Some of it has a Celtic feel, some jazzy, some just happy go lucky. My friend says it works to listen to this stuff- pan flutes, harps, and all. I listened to th is one like 4 nights in a row to help put me to sleep. That doesn't mean it sucks, just that it worked and wasn't so bad that I wanted to turn it off.

Buddha Stick "Soundtrack for: 'The Movie in Your Head'" Entertainment Music Enterprises, Ltd.
Oh, have we done too many reviews that mention pot yet? Buddha Stick loves pot, they sing about pot almost every song, and they have a big pot leaf on the cover. The music is like spacy pot dudes from space stuff. Some songs like "Do you wanna Get Fad ed," are more trippy hip-hop stuff. If I had a sweet mama and some pot I'd play this and turn my groove thing on!

Voodoo Glow Skulls "Baile De Los Locos" Epitaph
Totally cool ska core and salsa core and just core! This is their second CD and every song rocks. Fast, furious, with tons of horns and great energy. These guys play all the time and their live show is a blast. I think we review them in this issue- t hey tore up Lupo's at the Sno-core Tour thing. More stuff will be on the site soon. We'll do a CD of the week or something.