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The Canuk Movie Critic

I recently walked in to Burger King and noticed they had a special new promotion going on. It was the Lord of the Rings onion ring combo. To some this might seem like a pretty cutesie idea, but personally, it seemed more to me like one of the first signs of the apocalypse, but enough about that. I went to the Toronto opening of The Lord of the Rings last night. J R R Tolkien's first part of the trilogy is brought to life after a long time of filming in New Zealand. It stars Elijah Wood ("Free Willy" kid), Sean Astin ("Goonies" kid) and some other weird looking guys. After a pretty God-awful year for movies, this one shows that we shouldn't give up quite yet. If you're not a "fantasy novel" geek, you'll still like this movie. It's packed with some of the best effects and stunning battle scenes ever. This movie might even carry the power to turn trekkies into hobits, time will tell. All in all, it's an adventure definitely worth checking out.(Directed by Peter Jackson, 3 hrs.)

(Out of a possible six-pack of beer, it easily deserves five beers)

11 dollars I could have spent on beer, 11 times worse than I had hoped, 11 weeks 'till you can get in on video. (Save your cash!)

(2 Beers out of 6.)

In my opinion, some of the best videos out there are documentaries. Here are three of the best.

AMERICAN MOVIE: a fascinating and hilarious glimpse at a couple of 'burn-outs' chasing their dream of making a slasher movie. Directed by Chris Smith.

(Easily gets a full 6-pack)

FAST, CHEAP AND OUT OF CONTROL: I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival a few years ago. It might be hard to find, but worth looking for. It's a look at 4 different people with extremely odd jobs, each person seems to walk the fine line between genius and insanity. Directed by Errol Morris.

(5 beers)

DR. DEATH, THE RISE AND FALL OF FRANK A. LEUCHTER JR.: This is another Errol Morris documentary. He originally wanted Leuchter to be part of "Fast, Cheap & Out of Control" but later decided that this guy was so messed up, he deserved his own movie. Leuchter is an electric-chair salesman who's controversial research on WWII gas chambers asks the question, is he evil, dumb or crazy? You decide.

(5 beers)

JUST ONE MORE THING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE DON'T RENT AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS. To me this might be the worst movie of the year. Billy Crystal is about as funny as a genital wart, everyone is miss-cast and the script is awful.


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