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Freakshow November 24, 2001 @ The Greenroom



Vic Thrill


Freakshow and Vic Thrill

I've known Mike Hamel from Freakshow since I moved up to Rhode Island. We both worked at the salvation Army store that used to be in North Attleboro on Route 1. It sucked, but the place was run by another young person so we all had fun. Mike was great, he had a pierced tongue and tattoos and freaked out old people. Freakshow was opening for 311 and Tree and had a kinda sloppy rap feel with some power chords. They've developed over the past 8 years into a powerhouse emo core band. I admit that I'm biased, but Freakshow delivers. They've won 2 Phoenix awards, Best Alternative (98) and Best Loud Act (01), so its not just me.

The Greenroom wasn't too crowded, but it seems no place is these days. Freakshow fans did show up later on, but Vic Thrill played to a fairly open room. I feel sorry for the bands, but those of us going to shows are having a good time.

Vic Thrill was ok electronic rock noise.

The lead singer used to be in the Bogmen, and it was their first show with a new drummer and keyboard/ bass player, but it was still well rehearsed and fun. The electronic/ noise factor wasn't overwhelming, it was something they built on. They did songs called, "Nobody's Watching the Radar," and "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Floating Piece of Rain." They also did a song about the Williamsburg Killer who killed six women in their neighborhood in NYC.

Freakshow played a really great set, even though Mike had hurt his ribs at their Thanksgiving show a few days earlier. The second vocalist, Jay more than made up for any parts Mike might have been slacking on. The drum and bass parts were also really tight. Its easy to overlook Mike and John's playing with the tow vocalists and the guitar, but they hold things down. They did some songs from the new EP like, "New Orleans," as well as some older stuff from "Mood Swings."

Check out Freakshow if you can. They'll be on tour early in 2002, or you can download songs at Their show sounds a little different that the CD, its stronger sounding and the energy that they put off is real.