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Flipp, The Mayfield Four, American Hi-fi, Everclear @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI 07/17/2001

A few weeks ago I got another package from a record company that caught my eye. The band was Flipp, and the package had not just the usual bio, photo, and CD, but also a video. The video was called "Rockstar" and since Lizzy wasn’t home I figured what the hell and slapped it into the player. I kinda remembered their name and their photo had a guy in sorta Two-Face/ Joker half black, half white make up so I figured it was either cool or a bad ICP rip-off.

To make a long story short- it was pretty fucking cool. Not really TRL fare since they sing, "If you want to get to the top of the pops/ ya little slut/ you put the cock in your rock/ and make a lot of money," but a riot to watch.

According to the Flipp bio they were on a "Glamtastic U.S. tour" with Everclear because Art Alexakis had seen one of their video’s and decided that he must have them open for his band. Quote from Art, "Flipp is the real deal." Ok, so I gave their new CD, "Blow it Out Your Ass," a spin and went looking for their last one in the whatever stash. Besides "Rockstar’s" ode to the pee-pee they also do "Cock Rock" to make sure you understand how important they feel that rock includes some cock- not dicks or limp bizkits, but some real cock to go with the rock. Songs like "Wow" are a glam rock kinda sports stomp that have some great licks, while others like "La De Da," are just cool. I was really in the mood for something fun and Flipp delivered it to my door.

So I set up the deal to go see them at Lupo’s. I was told to get to the show early and they meant it- I got to the show at like five after seven and they were already going. Lupo’s was pretty crowded for Tuesday (kudos to Everclear), and the kids were all packed around the stage watching Flipp run through some stadium size moves complete with effects, lights and crowd participation. Cursing Link Almond and his fucking bridge repairs I got my camera out fought to the front like a freak and shot like a mad man for a few songs.

I didn’t keep a set list, but Flipp tore up their allotted half-hour. It was refreshing to see guys who could play as big as their ego’s. They might look like a cartoon, they might have their own trading cards, but these guys can play.

Lead singer, Brynn Areas, uses the portable microphone, which allows him full range in moving about. After Freaky Useless lit up his jet pack Brynn pulled up two local girls to have then jump and play his guitar into a screaming finale. He also handed his guitar around the audience and ended each song by flipping the bird. The kids seemed to really get into their set and Flipp let them have it.

Check out If you want a copy of "Blow it Out Your Ass."

The Mayfield Four were next up. They were grunge and fairly good. These guys are from Washington state so ya know their grunge had heart.

For their last song they did a cover of the Who’s "Baba O’Riely" that had the kids singing the ‘teenage wasteland" lines in earnest while the singer, Myles Kennedy did the Townsend windmill.

American Hi-Fi came out to a packed house. Lupo’s was hot, but tolerable. American Hi-Fi is a local band sorta- they’re from Boston and the singer was drummer for Letters to Cleo. Their song "Flava of the Weak" is all over radio this summer so the boys are enjoying some interest from the ladies. Jones waved to people in the crowd and did his best to be heard clearly. American Hi-Fi have some big rock moves, but also did some more melodic stuff too. I don’t have their CD, but they got a good reaction being local, and they worked the folks over pretty well.

I didn’t see too much of Everclear’s set. I ran into Chia Karaoke from Filpp and managed to get my interview with three of them on their bus. We did return for the last half hour and I saw them do "You Make Me Feel Like A Whore," "Father of Mine," "Santa Monica," and the encore with Flipp and American Hi-Fi a sloppy but fun version of David Bowie’s "Suffragette City."

I watched them from the side and could only take photos during the encore, so sorry about not getting more photos. Art brought a bunch of ladies up to dance on stage and Lupo’s was full of sweaty kids reaching to shake the bands’ hands, or catch one of the many flying guitar picks that they threw out.

Art said that by far this was the best reaction Everclear has gotten, and he gave a shout out to anybody who saw them at Babyhead back in the day. He brought Flipp out and also got into a little wrestling match with Stacey Jones from American Hi-Fi. Stacey lost.

I gotta say this was a pretty good show. This summer has been full of high priced tours and this was four bands for $25 bucks. Definitely more bang for your buck.