Issue 9 Contents


Nashville Pussy and The Hookers, The Met Cafe, August 1, 1999

Nashville Pussy is one of the best live acts on the road today. Their blend of loud fast rock and roll and a sexy stage show combine for some damn fine entertainment. Although they lost the Grammy to Metallica this year, the fact that they were nominated alone should tell how awesome they are. I'd bet big cash that the chicks could kick Metallica's candy asses.

How good is Nashville Pussy? Well, my wife, Mrs. Lizzy Love (your Liz Phair kind of music listener) thought they were dang good. She only agreed to go see Marilyn Manson and Nashville Pussy because we had an invite to the aftershow party.

That didn't work out as planned, see Issue 8 Manson Story Anyway, she really loved Nashville Pussy's Motorhead vs Lynyrd Skynard in a porn store act. She didn't go see this Nashville Pussy show, but only because of work. If they can convert her, they should be able to take over the world.

What's so special?

It's all about feeling. Without a doubt Nashville Pusy lives as fast and hard as their music. Two ladies and two boys, the ladies on bass and guitar, the guys singing and drumming. Both the ladies are hot, each in a different way. Bassist Corey Parks is 6 feet something, blonde, tattooed all over. She also spits fire like Gene Simmons back when he was cool. Guitar player Ruyter Suys is also blonde, but much shorter and not tattooed. Suys is all over the stage and plays in leather pants and a leopard print bra. The fellas, on the other hand ain't that sexy, but damn does singer Blane Cartwright get into singing. His growling and screaming are authentic and mean.

So anyway, their show at the Met kicked ass. I got there early to try to meet the band and found them just hanging around waiting to see the Hookers set and having some fun. I took a promo shot with Blane, got Ruyter to pose for a funny photo, and had a butt with Parks and her new husband.

After the Hookers set of fast loud metal stuff Nashville Pussy tore the place up. They didn't have to tame their stage antics down like when they opened for Manson,

so the fire breathing, bra wearing, chicks kissing, beer spitting, grabbing audience members for a french kiss, ass kicking show was on.

The last time Nashville Pussy played Providence I got drunk and had fun. This time I also got drunk and had fun, but I also wrote the set list down before they started. According to the list it went like this: "Struttin Cock," "All Fucked Up," "Wrong Side of a Gun," "Blow Job," "Shoot First Run Like Hell," "Drugs," "You Ain't Right," "I'm the Man," "Snake Eyes," "Going Down," "Go to Hell," "Go Motherfucker Go," "Drive" and to top it off "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang."

It was truly delighful. Nashville Pussy rocks. The crowd had a great time drinking dancing, and

waiting to see that would happen next. With Nashville Pussy there is a feeling that at any second singer Blane is gonna just spontaneously combust because he's so into it. Every antic I mentioned actually happened. There were some pretty psyched girls in front of me who'd been kissed by Suys, and a few fellas who were happy to watch.

If Nashville Pussy is playing anywhere near you at all it's worth the trip.

They should have a new album out soon judging by the new material in their set. I also hear that some of the new stuff will be "radio friendly," which for Nashville Pussy means no dirty words.

The can tame down the songs to get on the radio, but I'll bet they won't tame down the show. Nashville Pussy rules- now go buy their shit.