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Movie Review: Man On The Moon

"Man on the Moon" was the first film I chose to review for the new millennium. I really wanted to go to "Any Given Sunday," but once again I was unable to tell the difference between the Seekonk 1-10 and seekonk 1-6. Oh well.

Anyway, "Man on the Moon' is about dead comic Andy Kaufman. Andy was the star of "Taxi" and died of cancer. He spent his whole life was spent trying to provoke people during his performances. For this reason, his standup routines were often met with criticism, confusion, and hostility. Andy seemed to enjoy hostility most of all.

The movie started out ok, but for some reason that they didn't explain Andy's boss from Taxi is also his manager. The off screen relationship between these two blossoms and is really the focus of the movie. Although the two never kiss, their on screen relationship is quite special and delt with nicely. We like Andy, and feel especially proud when they show he could secure work as a busboy.

Andy of course dies at the end of the movie. This is kind of a bummer, but since he really only had two friends it didn't seem too tragic.

I give this movie a 6. It was ok but it wasn't as funny as "My Left Foot."