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Wunderground Providence 1995 to Present, RISD Museum, September 18, 2006t

Went to the big poster/ sculpture show at RISD this weekend. I loaned stuff for the poster exhibit and was part of a panel of artists and collectors who gave a talk on Sunday.
Overall it is an amazing show, there are 2200+ posters in 3 big rooms and a room of sculptures. I don't make posters, I only collect them, so it was like a hundred Christmas mornings all at once.
The opening was packed, according to the lady at the front desk of the museum they stopped counting at 2000 people. Don't fret, there were plenty of 'Gansetts to go around.
The museum isn't selling any posters or prints, but there is an exhibition catalogue thats only like 20 bucks and has lots of pretty posters in it.