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Dropkick Murphy's Darkbuster March 16, 2004

Went to the DKM's annual St. Pats shows on Sunday. Darkbuster opened the early show so by noon I'd had 2 pints. It was a blast as usual, the biggest highlight being a frisky New Bedofrd wife who wanted to make out with me behind the club. She had a nice engagement ring and wedding band as well as a couple of kids at home, but I got her Irish up.
Even handicapped I still kick ass.

Darkbuster- they did some new numbers so keep an eye out for a release sometime soon.

The DKM's still invite the girls up for the Spicy McHaggis Jig, but Spicy has been replaced by Scruffy on the bagpipes.

We tried taking our photo with a guy from Superyob. Matty got cropped and I look like an idiot. Guinnes, gives you strength, not photo capabilities. Superyob rocks- old school, kinda like Ian and the Blockheads.