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Whatever began in 1995 as a print issue and then moved to the web in late 1995. It first appears in the Internet Archive in 1997 as www.whateverhq.com. We had a fire theme in June 1998. By January of 1999, we changed the domain to www.whatevermagazine.com and started running Top 11 Lists in a scrossing javascript. Mike "blogged" from Woodstock '99 by phoning in reports to the staff. You can read the Top 11 Resasons The Boy Scouts Can't Ban Gays. We got a little weird in 2000 and made fun of David Spade. By August 2001, the current issue was Nine and the home page looked like this. In June of 2002, we tried for a more "professional" look. We got lazy about making new issues and in June 2003, we added the blog. We didn't start loading it onto the front end until around June 2004. The rest of the history can be found in the blog archives.