Tumbleweed's Retro-Computer Shack

Tumbleweed's Retro-Computing Shack

Welcome to my Retro-Computing page.

This page is the starting point to go to a couple of pages that cover my interest in vintage computers. So what's a vintage computer? It can be many things. We could be talking about something as vintage and venerable as the ENIAC... to something as vintage and variable as Apple's early line.

I'm fortunate to know several like-minded folks, most of whom are fellow members of the Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island, Inc. There you'll find people whose "preferred vintage" runs everywhere from old DEC and Nova equipment to early Suns and the odd Timex Sinclair.

Most of us have fairly extensive peronal collections, while working on the collection maintained by RCS/RI Inc.

From this page, explore and peruse my Personal Collection, or if you'd rather see some of the Big Iron, visit the Retro-Computing Society of RI Millspace Tour(loaded with pix). Hint: bookmark this page for future reference; new pictures will be added regularly.
Also is a direct link to the RCS/RI News page. Catch up on what's happening!

And now... two new pages!

Tumbleweed's Wish List

The idea behind this page came from the occaisional mesages I receive from folks with systems they think I may be interested in. It's kind-hearted folks like these that help keep retro-computing enthusiasm afloat. This page will also have all the contact info for those who may have something they want to offer a deal on.

Retro-FAQs Shack
I've gathered links and FAQs (and links to FAQs and other retro-sites) covering older model computers, computer history and Internet history. This is also a good spot to find links to other collectors and enthusiasts. Also here is an html-ized version of the Jargon File

Personal Collection Page

The Retro-Computing Society of RI Millspace Tour

Tumbleweed's Wish List

RCS/RI Inc. News

Retro-FAQs Shack


If you have any additions or suggestions for my pages, please, don't keep them to yourself! Write to me and share your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to respond to my e-mail address: tumble@ids.net. E-mail is a good thing!

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