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Academic Zodiac – When you need to be sure

The zodiac has 22 stations; there are 16 ascendants.


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Academic Zodiac – Welcome Your True Stars


First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011 http://ow.ly/6w5eM Copyright © 2011 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics.







Whether in deliberately not attending to observation or from indifference to any starry skies, false Santa Clauses have entered a distorted natal sky into your basic psychological program: your identity. Your identity is what you peruse for/as yourself in daily exchange, in relation to national symbols and as ultimate resort in crisis. This very personal and national identity has been largely mangled by corrupt and incompetent people. Neither personal identity nor national heraldry correspond to any real sky at all.   


a)      So you support law and democracy.

b)     You swear on the Bible.

c)     The Bible states that Earth is a globe.

d)      You don’t believe in flat Earth at all.

e)     You stand for people’s will.

f)      Is NASA people’s will?

g)     Would you stand for NASA, even if not American?

h)     Isn’t NASA national agency?

i)       Does NASA express the will of the people?

j)       Or does someone or something else cloud the will of the people?

k)     Doe someone cheat upon people?

l)       Did someone cheat upon you?

m)   Did they impose faux personality upon your children?

n)     Would you call imposing of a false personality a crime?

o)     Would you denounce such a crime to UNICEF?

p)     You don’t believe in flat Earth at all.

q)     Yet you uphold superstition?

r)      Yet you believe in fixed Sun?

s)      Yet you fancy twelve ascendants?

t)       Do you know that superstition had the best of you?

u)     Did you know that you missed your guardian angel?

v)      Is superstition worth losing one’s guardian angel?

w)    Would you settle for anything less than your true natal skies?

x)     Would you uphold true natal skies for all?

y)     Do you know that sixteen constellations rise at east?

z)      Did you know that you can observe your guardian angel with naked eye?

Academic Zodiac – Welcome Your True Stars



22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus


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Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


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 2012-Nov-23 00:00  m   Lib

 2012-Nov-26 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Nov-29 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Dec-02 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-05 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-08 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-11 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-14 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-17 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-20 00:00  m   Sgr


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2012 Uranus in Cetus








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[i] 2011- Jupiter and most planets in Cetus. 2012 - Uranus in Cetus. We live in the Æon of Cetus; Age of Pegasus.