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The zodiac has 22 stations; there are 16 ascendants.

Tarot fans and astronomers will easily memorize #1622.


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22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus


Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


 2012-Nov-23 00:00  m   Lib

 2012-Nov-26 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Nov-29 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Dec-02 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-05 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-08 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-11 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-14 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-17 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-20 00:00  m   Sgr


We know your horoscope. Your true natal horoscope. Stay connected with the right dots across your original starry skies: 22 zodiacal stations, 16 ascendants.  Trust your real stars: Academic Zodiac. Ophiuchus Ascendant - Real natal ascendants & Sun-signs. Thank you for being supportive towards the IAU, much as tolerant towards Harvard MPC in embracing NASA JPL as your true natal planetary positions. Academic Zodiac #1622 #RTRRT Zodiac, ascendant set, house system, directions, dwarf planets, comets, centaurs; objects of interest, reality rendering: case solved all astrology assets in one

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Ananta Samhita

Anantadevasesanagasankarsana uvaca

The report includes the basic noumena by the avatar[†] of the Æon of Cetus and lord of the Age of Pegasus[‡]. Various titles include Hayagriva[§], [**]Ver Neit Nubty and ditto Ananta. References to Totapuri, Ramakrishna, Narayanananda, Tesla[††] and Brahmajnanananda determine one formal eastern lineage. 

a)        Sai Baba was born with Sun in Libra on November 23rd.

b)        The zodiac is the Tarot[‡‡].

c)        The zodiac encompasses (22) twenty-two zodiacal constellations.

d)        The (22) zodiacal constellations are the 22 letters of the Hebrew zodiac[§§].

e)        There are (16) sixteen eastern ascendants for the current epoch.

f)        The (16) ascendants are elements reshuffled as guardian angels.

g)        The zodiac is compatible with the 360 angels[***], Tarot, I Ching[†††] and Sabian symbols[‡‡‡].

h)       We live in the Age of Pegasus as encapsulated within the Æon of Cetus.

i)         The averages of Pisces encircle the present Æon of Cetus[§§§].

j)         The next Age of Pisces is termed the Age of Pisces II.

k)       The average of Aquarius is unremarkably set to dawn in 700 years from our times.

l)         Most planets crossed Cetus in the year 2011.

m)     In the year 2011, Jupiter was in Cetus.

n)       In the year 2012 Uranus enters Cetus.

o)       Apart from e.g. Eridanus, Taurus is a most rare ascendant.

p)       At the present epoch, Taurus rises for (5) five minutes at east. 

q)        Capricornus does not rise at east, while Cetus and Pisces do rise at east.

r)        Libra, Scutum, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Gemini and Aries represent some of the zodiacal constellations that do not rise at east for the present epoch. Nobody you know has an Aries ascendant.

s)        The (16) sixteen guardian angels can be recorded at east by anyone by naked eye observation. The (16) ascendants represent observable phenomena from any location[****] on planet Earth, rising one by one at east. 

t)        One does not have to wait for any scientific proof of one’s guardian ascendant as one can observe it as rising at east as well as setting at west.

u)        The standard reckoning of modern precession starts with the Age of Orion[††††].

      20000     2005    2000 WR106      Varuna                    3.70
      28978     2005    2001 KX76       Ixion                     3.20
      42301     2001    2001 UR163     [...unnamed...]            4.05
      50000     2005    2002 LM60       Quaoar                    2.48
      55565     2003    2002 AW197     [...unnamed...]            3.26
      55636     2006    2002 TX300     [...unnamed...]            3.19
      55637     2003    2002 UX25      [...unnamed...]            3.60
      84522     2004    2002 TC302     [...unnamed...]            3.81
      84922     2003    2003 VS2       [...unnamed...]            3.97
      90377     2005    2003 VB12       Sedna                     1.58
      90482     2005    2004 DW         Orcus                     2.30
      90568     2004    2004 GV9       [...unnamed...]            3.90
     120178     2004    2003 OP32      [...unnamed...]            3.97
     120347     2004    2004 SB60       Salacia                   4.21
     120348     2001    2004 TY364     [...unnamed...]            4.25
     134340     2006    (undefined)     Pluto                    -0.70
     136108     2007    2003 EL61       Haumea                    0.01
     136199     2006    2003 UB313      Eris                     -1.19
     136472     2007    2005 FY9        Makemake                 -0.44



[*] As presently functioning as under construction, September 21st 2011.

[†] Owner of the zodiac.

[‡] Both second and third Age of Pegasus.

[§] He who brings back zodiacal knowledge: this is the first time that humanity is acquainted with the zodiac.

[**] Ver Neit Nubty is often prefixed and suffixed by a variety of titles and spells.

[††] Vivekananda branch.

[‡‡] 1622 = 2216

[§§] Jehovah strongly encouraged astronomy against a most high penalty for superstition.

[***] In theurgy. Moon in Noctua is thus E……n.

[†††] Aspectarian.

[‡‡‡] Dated circa year 1982.

[§§§] Labels like I, II &/or III are omitted wherever possible in order not to further confuse the incipient magus.

[****] Cartesian house system.

[††††] Krishna.

[i] 2011 Jupiter and most planets in Cetus. 2012 Uranus in Cetus. We live in the Æon of Cetus; Age of Pegasus.