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Brand new full length CD/LP out in September/October 2000

The title is set: "The Unmasked Organ Light-Year of Inifinity Man" BLB-072 CD/LP. Quintrons seventh full length (think about it) album and probably his best (at least by our estimation). A logical follow up to the splendid reissues earlier this year, this masterpiece features Quintron returning to his roots, a blend of soulful melodies and hurricane like forays into party destruction management, latin rhythms, strip show companieros and all of the Quintron bag of tricks that spell up fun with a capital Q!

Be sure to get his Drum Buddy demonstration LP out soon on Rhinestone records!

Track listing:

1. Rhinestone Commercial 2. Mysterious Rangers 3. J. Monque D. is Wrong 4. 9-4-9 5. Hurricane 6. Push Pull or Drag 7. Certain Girl 8. GQ-21 9. You Don't Own Me 10. Peter Pan 11. Latin # 12. Slumber Party 13. Birds (Drum Buddy Immitation)


QUINTRON "The Amazing Spellcaster" LP/CD (BLB-049/62) $10.00 Finally, the legendary third record by Mr. Quintron is reissued in its entirety on the CD format. Completely remastered for the highest quality, even holders of the vinyl version will want this special reissue piece. For those who are only familiar with the later "Satan is Dead" and "These Hands of Mine" releases, this is a good way to discover the history of the man of mystery with what we believe to absolutely his best work. Hear the organ in its purest form. Hear the voice of the man in his purest form. You are young. First in the BULB reissue series featuring all three of Mr. Quintron works. "I.F. 001-011" (BLB-064) will be released in November (tentative). This one is out NOW!

Mr. QUINTRON "Satan is Dead" CD/LP (BLB-051) Mr. Quintron returns with this breathtaking excercise in Mongolian tap dancing. Fit for a king of tears, Mr. Q and Miss Pussycat pull back the reigns of dance fury and wait for you, the music listener, to join in. Inlcudes the hits "Ninth Ward Breakdown", "A Hymn" and the enticing "Do The Stomp"! Get it while its still here! $10.00

Mr. QUINTRON "The First Two Records" CD (BLB-049) OUT OF PRINT Mr. Quintron hand picks all the best from both of his groundbreaking first LP's on BULB and puts them all on this fine CD just for you. If you thought you had it all you were wrong, this one contains single tracks, rare compilation tracks and never before heard guitar solos. Why don't you do your own guitar solo? Hey, make your own CD! Errr, I take that back no need to crowd the scope for the rest of us.

QUINTRON "I.F. 001-011" LP/CD (BLB-039/64) $10.00 For those of you who missed it the first time, here it is, Mr. Quintron's first full length record. Quite different from his already wide body of releases, this CD serves as a window into the history of one of the finest performers of the past 30 years. "I.F. 001-011" documents the days of Mr. Quintron's brief but fruitful career as a haunted house curator, endlessly playing the drum for days straight with little or no break. This record will take you on a journey. From one percussive experiment to another to a bevy of homemade and prefabricated electronic instruments. Into the world of the cavernous Milk of Burgundy where much of this was recorded. Although different, this record will certainly not disappoint. For those of you who were privileged enough to own the original extremely limited vinyl pressing of Mr. Quintron's first full length album, this CD will be a welcome addition to your already growing Quintron collection.

QUINTRON/FLOSSIE AND THE UNICORNS "M.C. Baby Kitty/Snow Machine" 7" (BLB-044) OUT OF PRINT Quintron and Flossie's breakthrough first seven inch. Came in letter pressed hand cut record sleeves and carried the theme of snow. You didn't get it, did you?



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