Yumi-chan is married! She and glam king TM Revolution were married last February (or so). Hopefully some craziness will come of it!

Puffy are great. If you continue to say that they are great, they will continue to be great. If you aren't stupid you probably figured out that this is my page dedicated to Puffy whom I love all too much. What is my problem? Am I a dork or what?

Puffy rock! They show us that all there is to pop music is cute girls, riding barefoot in convertibles, playing with small black children in Evanston, Ohio, and singing about rabbits and love. I wish I could properly express why they are so great, maybe you just have to hear them. The first time I heard Puffy was in an electronics store in a part of Osaka called DenDen Town. I said to myself, "hey, I like this song" and asked everyone around me who the band was. A unanimous reply of "It's Puffy, where have you been, you dork?" led me directly to Tower and made me $30.00 poorer but god, it was money well spent.

What is it with Puffy? Well, all there songs are basically covers of extremely famous pop songs with different lyrics and vocal melodies. Like the first track off their JET CD, which puls the main line of the Who's "Don't Get Fooled Again" literally note for note and has them singing "There's a jet engine in the rocket, oh yeah, etc...". It's like they took all the best in pop music and made it digestible for hardened cynics like me. The brainchild of Okuda Tamio, one of the most famous singer/songwriters in Japan, he's taken everything that has ever been great about pop music but somehow maintains some sort of sarcasm, but dresses it up in a cuteness that definitely doesn't exist in American pop music and is somehow more intellectual that the existing cuteness in Japanese pop music. OK, so even I would go out with them. At least one of them.

Puffy are two girls, Ami-chan and Yumi-chan. Discussing them with Japanese people will invariably lead you to the subject of "Which do you like better?" since they hail from the two major (and rival) cities of Tokyo and Osaka, respectively. If you say Ami-chan, you are siding with those occursed imperialist hellions from the east (Kanto) in the mighty metropolis of Tokyo. You also like cuteness before brashness and prefer someone you know won't spike your Yakisoba. Basically you can marry her and Mom won't complain. If you say Yumi-chan (as I do), then you side with those wacky freaks from the west (Kansai) who talk funny but eat and have created all your favorite foods in Japan and are responsible for all the best comedy on TV (fuck Tokyo manzai, it sucks). She might spike your Yakisoba but she'll drink you under the table and will talk more than you can concieve. Basically, you'd be hesitant about marrying here (although she'd force you) and you'd worry that she and your mother would get together and plot against you. Osaka power!

Puffy are one of the most famous entertainment acts in Japan right now. They ae on TV multiple times a week, have their own weekly series and grace the covers of magazines almost daily. I can't keep up with it all, and I'm a dedicated Otaku of the first class. If you ever come to Japan, be sure to buy as much as you can, you won't regret it. For more info check out these other links so I don't have to waste any more of my time entering this stuff. If you want, write me, send me money and I'll pick the stuff up for you and mail it directly to your door! What a nice guy I am!



For Love...「夢のために」 June 9, 1999 CD Single
Puffy del Runba「パフィーdeルンバ」 Dec, 12, 1998 CD Single
Sunday Girls 「日曜日の娘」 April 1, 1999 CD Single
Ta-ra-ran「たららん/パフィーのツアーメン」 Aug 29, 1998 CD Single
Jet Video June 10, 1998 Video
Jet CD April 1, 1998 CD
The Knowledge of Love「愛のしるし」 May 14, 1998 CD Single  
Mother/Nahorina Nahorina「MOTHER/ネホリーナハホリーナ」 Dec 12, 1997 CD Single  
Tout! Puffy! Tour! Sept. 21, 1997 Video  
Solosolo Aug. 6, 1997 2xCD
Celebration of the waves, etc「渚にまつわるエトセトラ」 April 16, 1997 CD Single  
Circuit Girls「サーキットの娘」 May 12, 1997 CD Single  
Run! Puffy! Run! Dec. 1, 1996 Video/Book  
This is the way of my life「これが私の生きる道」 Oct 7, 1996 CD Single  
Amiyumi Aug. 22, 1996 CD  
Asia no junshin「アジアの純真」 May 13, 1996 CD Single  



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