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ANDREW W.K. NEWS: The "Party Til You Puke" 12" DXEP: After months of negotiations, this powerful work is finally available. Ready to hit dance halls all across the country, "Party Til You Puke" will most certainly be remembered as a groundbreaking work. Straying from the bombast of "Girls Own Juice", PTYP is an all-out dance BURNER!

Visit Andrew's website http://www.andrewwk.com.


In 1983, on highway I-94 in Detroit, Michigan (1983) a man named Andrew Stevenson was pulled over for drunk driving. When police stopped him and asked for his driver's license he said he didn't have it on him, but that it was at his house, which he was returning to. The police asked Stevenson to step out of the car, a brand new Plymouth Acclaim, while they ran a check on his license plate. When the car came back stolen Andrew Stevenson was arrested. However, the events that unfolded in the following 15 minutes, would result in one of the weirdest musical personas of the new century.

Stevenson had started to rob local gas stations and drug stores, usually for small sums, which he used to pay for his increasing drug problem. It was after he killed a teenage gas station attendant that the real trouble started. He managed to escape... He sent in a letter to the police three days later. The letter started off reading as a confesion, but then turned into a weird sort of taunt towards the Detroit Michigan police force. It was then that Andrew Stevenson started using the alias, Andrew White, and it was at this point that he also killed two more people: his friends Todd Rivers and Sheila Arnold. This was when the police knicknamed him Andrew "The White Killer" Stevenson... or simply, "The White Killer".

Andrew's father was fond of this name, and as a cheif officer on the police force, he named his son after the killer, once they caught him and executed him in 1987. Andrew W.K.. White Killer. Women Kum. Wild Kid. Want Kicks. It's all the fucking same. He fucking kills the music to make you dance.


From Heartbeat Magazine Last and most unleast, Andrew W.K., he who will save music, to party, to kill. Seriously, this five song (and hidden track) cd only hints at the amazing life-saving times a head. From start to brutal, bone-crushing finish, this is the music to live the best times of your life by. I am not joking. Everyone should love this, and everyone I played it for who didn't love it, I don't talk to anymore. Now, Andrew has made something so brilliant and pure, it'll be years before anyone comes close to understanding it... Ok, let me just try to make sense of it all... These songs are all anthems. The seemingly cryptic, but perfectly sensical explanations of how it feels to be young and full of life, maybe in love sometimes, too. Andrew W.K. proposes that they've ruined everything. They've ruined our lives, so let's ruin theirs. These songs will be in your head for weeks, if you're lucky, for the rest of your life. Recommended and essential.

Vice Magazine Volume 7 Number 3

Music, Partying and Love The Holy Trinity of Raising Hell by Andrew W.K.

THE ONION (Review)



"Girls Own Juice" CDep (BLB068) $9.00
Wolf Eyes BULB DX 12" (BLB065) $8.50


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