Marilyn Manson @ Club Babyhead

Halloween 1995

Don't expect to read this in your morning paper anytime too soon, but Marilyn Manson played a sold out show at Club Babyhead that not only fucking rocked the roof, but didn't cause Satan to steal my eternal soul.

That's right, the group Bob Dole and William Bennett promote as Satan worshipping bad influences, managed to cause no permanent damage to the population of our fair city. In fact they offered a safe haven of sorts, getting kids off the street and int o an environment that offered fun and music for all.

Sure Marilyn Manson, both the group and the guy look like crazy mother fuckers and get children to chant "I am the God of fuck," but they also sang a few chords of "Strawberry Fields" with the crowd to even things out.

Honestly, these guys are the logical extension of Alice Cooper and Trent Reznor, and as harmless as both. Marilyn Manson mixes even parts of Alice Cooper's stage antics with Trent Reznor's anger, adding a touch of tape samples and High School Satan worshipping, to come out with a truly entertaining experience.

Not since the hey day of Kiss has metal, now techno-metal, enjoyed a make-up band that really seemed to be what they are on stage all of the time. Marilyn Manson is creepy as hell, but he has that right. His band rocks. Their show was awesome, even scaled way down to fit into Club Babyhead, they still ruled.

Since I don't have time to really go into how totally sick the band was, or how they really can play the shit out of a tune, I'll instead offer up a photo and a link to their unofficial homepage. The print version of Whatever has two pages of photos and a bootleg discography, in case you want more.

Really, Satan worship has never been so easy to dance too...

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